Teacher Resources

CJIMS Video Requests

Order your Central Jersey Instructional Media Service videotapes online 24/7.  Searching the online catalog is easy and fast!


Digital Curriculum

Check out this video streaming library for use with classes or to assign to students to watch at home.  Has study guides, quizzes, and more.


Curriculum Resource Center

For teachers seeking material to supplement their coursework in core subject areas—including U.S. and world history, science, and geography. This electronic library of curriculum-related handouts provides access to a broad selection of visual content, including maps, science diagrams, science experiments, historical images, historical timelines, and other handouts, all of which can be saved in a password-protected folder, emailed, or printed and used for worksheets, overheads, and testing. Web links direct users to some of the web’s best educational sites.

PBS Frontline

The newly expanded online FRONTLINE Teacher Center features dozens of Frontline programs streaming online, more than thirty teacher's guides, and other helpful services.


United Learning

Another video streaming library with emphasis on math, science, and social studies.  Has study guides, quizzes, etc.

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