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Individual in conflict with society

1. Biographical Dictionary:
This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. The dictionary can be searched by birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other keywords.

2. Biography:
This is the biographies page from the Information Please Almanac. Categories include: sports, presidents, supreme court justices, people in the news, deaths in the current year and previous year, entertainment, vice presidents, business leaders, and world rulers. The site is also searchable.

This is the companion website for Biography on the Arts & Entertainment channel. Includes videos, born-on-this-day search, and trivia.

4. Who2:
This is a fun site for finding information about famous people. It covers historical figures, politicians, celebrities, cartoon dogs, and people in the news. You'll find the basic facts about a person, plus links to related information.

Nutrition - Ms. McGhee

1. Nutritional Analysis Tool - Before this online tool was created, nutrition students and health professionals who were interested in analyzing the nutrient content of foods had to look up individual foods in tables, transfer the data to paper and physically add up the amounts of each nutrient.

2. Interactive Healthy Eating Index - an online dietary assessment tool that provides information on your diet quality, related nutrition messages and links to nutrient information.

3. Eat Fit - An eating analysis tool designed specifically for teens from the University of California.

4. Don't Gross out the World - an international dining etiquette quiz.

Industrial Revolution - Mr. Wright

1. Age of Industry -  A good starting point for any serious student of the Industrial Revolution.  A comprehensive gateway to online resources about this period in history. 

2. American Inventors and Inventions - The Smithsonian Institution salutes a handful of American inventions and inventors who have transformed our world.

3. The Invention Dimension: Inventor of the week archives - Not only did inventions fuel the Industrial Revolution, but they also continue to transform the world we live in today.    Browse through this virtual encyclopedia of invention either by the names of the invention or the inventor.

4. Technology Timeline - Created as an online companion to a PBS series about the invention of the telephone, this site tracks landmark inventions form 1750 to 1990.

*For further information on your topic try:

History Reference Center

Encyclopedia Americana and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia                                        

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Password = high

Mythology - Mrs. Kuenzel

1. Immortals of Greek Mythology - An alphabetical list of the characters with links to their stories.  Also gives pronunciation of some of the difficult names.

2. Greek - This dictionary includes entries for the Olympians, Titans, heroes, creatures, figures,and places in the Greek myths.

3. Encyclopedia Mythica - Enter the world of legend at this site, an exhaustive encyclopedia with more than 6,100 entries profiling the heroes, deities, fearsome creatures, and other beings of myths and folktales from all corners of the globe.

4. Bullfinch's mythology - The entire text of Bullfinch's classic is available here covering Greek and Roman mythology. You can browse through the index or search by keyword. Also included are a quotes section and photos of related works of art.

5. Mythology - A great place to start with Greek mythology.  Includes an online fun quiz, an alphabetical list of the immortals, and more.

Las Ciudades de Espana - Ms. Kamin

1. All About Spain - This site's City Guide is a comprehensive guide to the most attractive cities in Spain, like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Valencia, and many more, including sightseeing, excursions, practical info, etc.

2. World heritage cities of Spain - Breathtakingly beautiful, this site is the creation of the Spanish Group of World Heritage Cities, which represents 11 of the country's most historical cities, including Cuenca, Eivissa, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, and Toledo.

3. Turespaņa - This site is the official online home of Turespaņa, Spain's national tourism office. Not surprisingly, the main purpose of the site is to attract international visitors, but the content here provides a great deal of information about Spain's people, culture, and society, as well as the country's government, politics, and economy. Other features of the site include descriptions of Spain's major cities, natural and man-made attractions, a virtual map of Spanish cities and towns, and links to related resources, such as the sites of Spain's autonomous regions.

Planets - Ms. Kato

1. The Nine Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system.

2. Exploring the Planets = A gallery of photos and facts.

*Also try encyclopedia articles on your topic: Encyclopedia Americana and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia                                        
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Caves in Spanish Countries

1. Caves of the World - A list of caves by country from the World Caves database. 

2. Show Caves of the World - One of the two best websites for show caves that tourists can visit around the world with photos.  You can search for a cave by country or cave name. Links to offcial cave websites

3. Long and deep caves of the world

Las Playas Del Mundo Hispanico

1. World Travel Guide:
Provides travel information for countries and cities all over the world. You can search by continent or alphabetically. Includes maps and photos

2. Blank & Outline Maps:
This web site from provides links to sites which include blank outline maps which you can print out.

3. All the Worlds Maps:
This site from provides links to national maps. Choose a country from a drop down menu box. Maps are also available for major cities in most countries.

4. contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (and monthly weather averages) from a wide range of sources.

5. A travel guide type website geared to beach destinations throughout the world.

Global Awareness Project - Ms. O'Connell

1.  CIA World Factbook:  Provides detailed and current information on all nations. Information includes population and demographics, governmental system and officials, geography, communication, transportation, military, and transnational issues. Current maps and color pictures of flags are also included.

2. Background Notes: Africa: This U.S. State Department site provides information on geographic entities and international organizations which is updated periodically.  (Note: MHS Library subscribes to the print version of this resource.)

3. Africa Online : Latest world media reports on Africa, browsable by country or topic

World Hunger

1. Global Issues Website - Articles and statistics on world hunger and poverty.

2. BBC Reports on food crisis in African countries.

3. U.S. Department of State reports on the food crisis in southern Africa.

4. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

5. Special Report: FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment-- Ethiopia

6. All Africa: Reports and News Articles on the current Status of African Agriculture and Economy

Parks in Spanish-Speaking Countries

1. Frommer's Travel site - Pictures and descriptions of all kinds of travel destinations

2. DonQuijote.Com - This spanish language course site has information about Spanish destinations.

3. Use Google to look for websites about specific parks.


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